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Timing Belt Repair in Lake Zurich, IL Routine Maintenance Inspections-Alpine Automotive

Keep Your Engine at Peak Performance

Our ASE Certified technicians are trained to keep your vehicle optimal condition. The timing belt is one of those engine components that might catch vehicle owners off guard. Your owner’s manual will give you the manufacturer’s suggestion for timing belt replacements and services but it still slips the mind. Alpine Automotive is the repair shop that won’t let your engine suffer. We’ll give your vehicle the attention it deserves, which means you’ll know before the timing belt breaks or is out of sync. If your timing belt should break, your engine will be rendered completely useless until the timing belt is replaced. It is also recommended that other timing belt components be replaced as well, such as the water pump, tensioner, or pulley. Our complete timing belt service can ensure quality driving experiences for the future.

Noisy Timing Belt?–Bring It to the Experts!

A vehicle owner’s top priority for the timing belt is to make sure it does not break. Timing belts that do not receive attention in time are known to snap. If that happens, the engine will no longer start. While the timing belt is how your engine’s valves stay in sync, there are other components that should be replaced as well. Avoid extensive and expensive damages to your other engine components by taking complete care of the timing belt. If motorists only have the timing belt replaced, there is still a chance that the old water pump, tensioners, and pulleys may fail. Our service experts know the importance of replacing the whole set to ensure the engine strength and longevity. Alpine Automotive in Lake Zurich, IL is here to provide you with quick but thorough timing belt repair and maintenance services. We stand behind all of our services with a 24 Month / 24,000 Mile Warranty!

Schedule Your Timing Belt Repair!

We’ll keep you two steps ahead of any timing belt repair need. Our routine maintenance appointments and our familiarity with your vehicle will help us address your timing belt’s needs before it compromises vehicle performance. When you choose Alpine Automotive as your auto service provider, you can relax knowing we avoid misdiagnoses, breakdowns, malfunctions, and unnecessary repairs. We put our dedicated customers on a service plan that pays close attention to all engine components including the timing belt. Give us a call today to schedule a timing belt repair. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. Next time you’re in the area–1320 Ensell Road–with any questions or concerns, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all of our walk-in customers!