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Tow trucks are either a sight for sore eyes or proof that you should have moved your car. Alpine Automotive’s specialized tow truck service is dedicated to Lake Zurich motorists who find themselves stuck! When your vehicle breaks down away from home, you’ll need a way to get your vehicle to its second home–Alpine Automotive. It only makes sense to call us for tow truck services because we’re the team that knows how to service your vehicle. It’s just convenient that everything will be handled by the same team. Our customers know that we have their backs after any unexpected breakdown. Not only do we provide the quick and safe towing services, but we also perform the expert repairs. Getting you back on the road is our ultimate goal, and our quality towing service is the beginning of the repair process.

Sometimes vehicles don’t make it back to the garage at the end of the day. They might break down because of an engine malfunction or because of an accident. Either way, the driver will need a tow truck service they can depend upon. Alpine Automotive in Lake Zurich, IL has tow truck services on standby to pick you up as soon as you let us know your location. We’ll come get you and your vehicle as soon as possible, keeping your vehicle on the path to full recovery. Your vehicle’s tow will always be safe and effective. Our tow truck drivers are highly experienced and well-trained at towing all makes and models of vehicles. Let’s get you back on the road behind the wheel of a fully-operational vehicle. The complete repair solutions begin with a towing service from Alpine Automotive. Let’s perform all the towing and repair services you need.

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Tow truck service is hard to plan for because you never know when you’ll need one. If you knew that, you’d probably have avoided the hassle of needing a tow in the first place. Keep us on speed dial so you’ll automatically know who’s coming to get you and your vehicle in case of an emergency. Our team is always on standby, ready to dispatch a tow truck to your location. No need to worry about where you should receive your auto repairs. We have all that covered for you! When you called us for towing services, you got the area’s best service technicians as a bonus. Give us a call today to schedule a towing service. You can also use our online scheduling system to schedule a tow truck service when it’s most convenient for you. Keep Alpine Automotive in mind whenever you need a tow truck. Our facility is so much more and look forward to the opportunity to show you.

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