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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Preventing and Cleaning Engine Sludge

Everything You Need to Know Sludge buildup in your engine can reduce its efficiency and cause serious repair issues. Avoid emergency repairs with preventative maintenance to reduce the amount of engine sludge. Learn how a quality oil change service in Lake Zurich, Illinois, can restore your engine’s performance and prevent damaging contamination in your vehicle. Common Signs of Sludge A breakdown in your motor oil typically causes gritty, grimy sludge. Over time, oil breaks down and creates lubrication issues. Contaminants in your oil can start to affect the performance and fuel economy of your engine. Without preventative maintenance and cleaning, these issues can cause serious engine damage. Look for a check engine or oil change warning light on your dashboard for early signs of engine buildup. If these aren’t present, you can also check under your hood for sludge. Inspect your engine for signs of oil splatter, small clumps of dark debris or other unusual signs. If y ... read more


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