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How Do I Know If My Car’s Timing Belt Is Failing?

Your car’s timing belt is one of the most essential components of the engine because if it fails or breaks, your car won’t function. A timing belt looks exactly like a long narrow strip of rubber that wraps around camshafts, pulleys, and crankshafts in your engine. It’s an essential component that can offer some warning signs that it’s failing. It’s best to get auto or truck repairs done at the first sign of trouble. The timing belt is composed of rubber teeth that fit into the gears of the crankshaft. The rubber of the timing belt can wear down over time, which will make it more difficult to grip the gear. This can cause it to slip when your engine is functioning at a high RPM. The timing belt may also be responsible for general performance problems. It’s what syncs the movement of the pistons to the engine valves. If the belt isn’t functioning properly, it can affect the performance of your engine.   Even something as simple as a timing belt can cause your engine to misfire if i ... read more


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