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Common Wheel Alignment Issues

It’s Time for Service! If your steering is pulling unusually or your tires are wearing out faster than normal, it may be time for a wheel alignment service. Check out these common misalignment issues and learn why you need to visit a quality shop in Lake Zurich to restore precision alignment of your wheels. Positive or Negative Camber The camber of your wheels describes one angle. Look at your vehicle from the front and see if the wheels are angled slightly to one side or the other. If the top is leaning toward the outside of your vehicle, you have a positive camber. Tops that are leaning in are considered negative camber. These positions are measured in degrees. It’s important to ensure your camber is even between the two front wheels. If you have extreme positive or negative camber, your wheels will experience an uneven wear pattern. Uneven camber will cause your vehicle to pull to one side as you drive. Uneven Caster Similar to camber, caster can cause uneven wear or unusual pulls a ... read more


Wheel Alignment