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Do I Need Vehicle Emissions Testing?

One of the services we provide at Alpine Automotive is emissions testing so that your vehicle will pass your Illinois state’s emissions testing program. If your vehicle passes, then you won’t need further auto repairs, but if it doesn’t, then it may need to repairs done. Your check engine light may be the first warning you get that something is wrong and your vehicle needs maintenance. With vehicles on our roads and highways contributing to about one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions, it’s important to care about the future we leave our children, and be aware of how we can stay as green as possible.

Emissions testing involves a minimal fee for your vehicle. It’s better to do the testing now then to have to do it after your car breaks down. During the testing it will be determined if your vehicle will pass, or whether it will fail and need necessary repairs. Often a conditional pass will be granted if there are substantial repairs that need to be done. Alpine Automotive will do what your vehicle needs to get it safe and back on the road.

Before you bring your vehicle in for emissions testing you need to get it ready. If your vehicle has been sitting in the garage over the winter, it’s important to get it out on the road for a few days. Take it out and drive it around the city. Include city streets and highway driving. This can help to improve the score on your vehicle’s emissions testing report.

Did you know that if you do your part that it can have a positive impact on the environment? Each year the state of Illinois has been decreasing CO2 levels from vehicle emissions. It’s good to know that we’re making a difference!

If you need more assistance in learning how to get your vehicle’s emissions testing done, please contact Alpine Automotive today. It will be a relief to cross this task off your auto repair list. Perhaps you’ll want to book for an oil change while you’re here?


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