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How You Can Be Prepared For The Emissions Test

What You Need to Know

Since the implementation of the Federal Clean Air Act in 1990, all US vehicles are required to take the smog & emissions test. This includes vehicles in Illinois, where owners are required to take this test every two years. This time can be extremely stressful and potentially expensive for car owners, as they scramble to have their vehicle’s repaired to ensure they pass the test. During this time, it helps to be prepared so you are spending the least amount of time on services and testing. Not sure how to prepare? Don’t worry, Alpine Automotive has you covered. Here’s what you need to know prior to your next smog & emissions test!

What’s Involved

During the test, your vehicle will be hooked up to a variety of monitors like the OBD II diagnostic tool to determine the emissions coming from your vehicle. These monitors help determine whether you pass or fail, and the best way to avoid a failing outcome is to have your vehicle serviced prior to the test.

During the next repair service, make sure the technicians rid your vehicle of the check engine light. If technicians see that warning light during the test, you will automatically fail. Along with that, make sure your vehicle’s exhaust system is properly functioning, as that will be a big focal point during the test as well.

How You Can Fail

You will fail the test if your vehicle releases emissions above the state standard, something is wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust system, and/or if the check engine light is on. As previously mentioned, the best way to avoid this situation is to ensure your vehicle is serviced prior to testing.

What To Do If You Fail

If you do fail, a technician can run a diagnostic test to determine what caused the failure. Once you find out what the problem is, make sure you have it fixed as soon as you can. Some shops may even allow you to have the issue fixed on the same day you took the test. Also, we don’t recommend getting a second opinion, as most shops see the monitors used (like the OBD II) as a very reliable source of information. By seeking a second opinion, all you’re doing is avoiding the real problem and spending extra time and money.

When it comes to the smog & emissions test, preparation is key. We hope this information can help you properly prepare for the upcoming test. If you are prepared and ready for your vehicle’s smog & emissions test, make sure you visit Alpine Automotive in Lake Zurich, IL! We’ll save you time and money by providing a quick and easy testing experience!


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