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Motor Oil Facts You Need to Know

Things to Keep in Mind

When we think about the motor oil within our vehicle, most of us only really think about changing it. Seldom do we think about other aspects such as the type of oil it needs or how frequently our vehicles need an oil change. What’s important to know is that those smaller factors are just as important as changing the oil itself. Not only will your vehicle have fresh motor oil, but properly timed oil changes will help you get the most out of your motor oil!

Not sure what you need to know? Don’t worry, as the Alpine Automotive team is here to help you out. Here are some motor oil facts you need to think about when it’s time for your next oil change service.

Oil Change Frequency

Although it’s easy to follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual when it comes to how often your car needs an oil change, it’s a lot more complicated. Sure, your owner’s manual does give you the proper mileage intervals, but you also need to be mindful of your driving habits. Frequent and aggressive driving may require you to change your oil a lot sooner than the 6 -12 months that’s typically recommended.

The opposite cannot be said if you don’t drive your vehicle as frequently. You cannot wait longer in between oil change services if you don’t drive your car as much. This is because oil becomes less effective as it ages. Along with that, excess moisture can form in the engine if the vehicle isn’t frequently used, which can lead to shorter engine life. It’s crucial that you follow a consistent oil change schedule regardless if you drive your vehicle six miles or 6,000 miles.

Different Types of Oil

Did you know that there are a variety of different oil types available for your vehicle? There are five types of oil that you need to be aware of.

  • Full Synthetic: This type of oil is used for high-performance vehicles that require a high level of lubrication. Some benefits of this oil include higher viscosity levels, resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, and protection against oil sludge. The downside of this oil is that it’s a lot more expensive than the other oils, so make sure you discuss with our team on what’s the best decision for you and your vehicle.
  • Synthetic Blend: This offers customers the benefits of full synthetic motor oil but at a much more affordable rate. This oil mixes synthetic motor oil with conventional motor oil, so it’s easier for users to switch between the oil types. Some benefits of this oil include a boosted resistance to oxidation and quality low-temperature characteristics.
  • Conventional: This motor oil is found in most vehicles today and is probably what your vehicle’s engine is filled with if you aren’t driving a high-performance, luxury vehicle!
  • High Mileage: This oil is meant for vehicles that have over 75,000 miles. It helps reduce oil consumption, as well as smoke and emissions from older engines. This oil is a great solution for those that aren’t ready to part with their old vehicle but are looking for ways to maintain its engine’s level of performance.

To best determine what your vehicle needs, reference your vehicle’s owner’s manual or speak with our automotive team!

Yes, having an oil change is important. But the type of oil your vehicle utilizes and the time in which you get an oil change can be the difference between a mid-grade car and a high-performance machine!


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