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Truck Maintenance Tips You Can Use

Keep It Going For The Long Haul

An ounce of maintenance goes a long way for many automotive vehicles, and that sentiment rings true for your truck. Designed to take on heavier loads and navigate difficult driving conditions, your truck has probably taken a beating since you first purchased it. It’s because of that usage that you need to properly maintain it, or suffer from symptoms of wear-and-tear or outright failure. Not sure what you need to do? The Alpine Automotive team is here to help. Here are a few truck maintenance tips to ensure your truck is roaring for years to come!

Stay On Top of Your Oil

Just like any automotive vehicle, it’s important that you always provide your truck with fresh, clean motor oil. Oil lubricates the fast-moving components within the engine and helps keep it clean from any sludge that may build up over time. Make sure you select the right oil for your truck, whether it’s full synthetic, synthetic blend or high mileage. Don’t know what’s best for your truck? Reference your truck’s owner’s manual, as it will have all the information you need!

Maintain Proper Alignment

Because your truck is built for challenging conditions, it isn’t uncommon for it to traverse a variety of terrains. With that said, make sure that you stay aware of its alignment and have it go through a routine wheel alignment service. Challenging terrains leave your truck more vulnerable to misalignment, and that can ruin your overall driving experience if not properly handled. Some negative symptoms of wheel misalignment include uneven tire wear, pulling, and steering wheel vibrations, all of which are a burden to deal with.

Be Gentle

Although your truck is meant for heavy duty tasks and challenging driving conditions, it’s still important that you don’t take it through the proverbial “ringer” during every drive. Along with that, make sure you practice more conservative driving habits. Some helpful habits include having a one or two car gap length with you and the vehicle in front, slowly accelerating your truck instead of slamming the gas pedal, and allowing the truck to warm up. Even your truck deserves a break, and it will make sure to thank you later on.

Your beloved truck is like most things in life – you get out what you put in. When you provide your truck with the love and attention it needs, you’re better positioned to see a high level of performance.


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