Truck Maintenance Tips You Can Use

Keep It Going For The Long Haul An ounce of maintenance goes a long way for many automotive vehicles, and that sentiment rings true for your truck. Designed to take on heavier loads and navigate difficult driving conditions, your truck has probably taken a beating since you first purchased it. It’s because of that usage

Motor Oil Facts You Need to Know

Things to Keep in Mind When we think about the motor oil within our vehicle, most of us only really think about changing it. Seldom do we think about other aspects such as the type of oil it needs or how frequently our vehicles need an oil change. What’s important to know is that those

How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Level of Performance

Maintenance Tips Vehicle maintenance is an aspect of vehicle ownership that every owner needs to be doing. Frankly, it’s something you sign up for as soon as you purchase your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, your brand new vehicle will quickly deteriorate and you’ll soon be facing a multitude of repair services that could become costly.

Why Wheel Alignment Is Essential On All Vehicles

Are you one of those people who only brings in their vehicle when something is broken? While we understand that you have a tight budget, avoiding regular vehicle maintenance can cost you money in the long run. There are also certain components of your vehicle that should be 100% operational, otherwise they’ll cause problems on

How Do I Know If My Car’s Timing Belt Is Failing?

Your car’s timing belt is one of the most essential components of the engine because if it fails or breaks, your car won’t function. A timing belt looks exactly like a long narrow strip of rubber that wraps around camshafts, pulleys, and crankshafts in your engine. It’s an essential component that can offer some warning

Do I Need Vehicle Emissions Testing?

One of the services we provide at Alpine Automotive is emissions testing so that your vehicle will pass your Illinois state’s emissions testing program. If your vehicle passes, then you won’t need further auto repairs, but if it doesn’t, then it may need to repairs done. Your check engine light may be the first warning you

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

One day you may see a mysterious light pop up on your dashboard. It may be yellow or red. Many people choose to ignore the auto repair or oil change lights until one day their vehicle is dead on the road. It’s important that you pay attention to what your check engine light is telling